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Class Date: May 22, 2011




Today in class we just took a test. Click here to see the test and the answers


Class Date: May 15, 2011


Study for finals!





Class Date: May 8, 2011


Memorize Suarh Al Tharyat Ayah 56-58


Handwrite 200 word essay about ayah 58




Class Date: May 1, 2011

HW: Memorize Al Tharyat ayah 56 and 57.

Notes: Today in class we learned about surah 51 ayat 56 and 57

The opposite of this is saying that Allah doesnt care.



Class Date: April 24, 2011



Comparing Allah/Shaitan









Needs one power to do job.

Needs several powers to do job



Class Date: April 3, 2011


Go to and hand-write a 300 word essay on the Scientific miracles of the Quraan




Class Date: March 27, 2011


Today in class, we learned about the miracles of the Quraan. The Quraan has many things written inside that have only just been discovered by Science. These miracles exist as proof that the Quraan is true.


Class Date: March 20, 2011




Some philosopher once asked: if God is able to do anything, then can he create a rock even He cant carry?

The answer is neither yes nor no.

This is like asking God if He can cheat. Of course He can, but He would never do so. This is because it is inappropriate for his majesty.

Plus, creating the rock would be creating another infinity. Why would Allah create another God? This would be stupid and inappropriate for his majesty.


Also, 24:31, 24:60, and 33:59 all say that a woman has to wear hijab. The day of judgment is 50,000 years.


A good essay from last week:


Only Al-Azzez can give Izzah


The Shaitan sometimes makes it look like you can only have Al-Izzah, or power, if you do what is wrong. For example, Shaitan makes people think that if they lie, cheat, steal, and kill, they will gain Izzah. However, this is just an illusion. Izzah comes not in disobeying Allah, but in pleasing Allah. Only Al-Azeez, the most powerful and great, can give you Izzah. Izzah comes in being a good person and earning Heaven. In Heaven, you have servants to supply your every need for all of eternity. This is the true source of power. Lying, cheating, stealing, and other things that the Shaitan coaxes you into is not. Other things, such as working, depend on your job. You could be working and earning your money a halal way, or you could be earning the money a haram way. Obviously, the haram way will never earn you Heaven and the Halal way always will, unless youre a Non-Muslim. People who earn Al-Izzah the Haram way end up in Hell Fire. The few years of joy here are not worth the eternal pain and suffering in Hell Fire. The Pharoh, the kings, and the Quraish are only a few examples of wealthy and powerful people. Where did they end up? Underground, cursed in the Quran, and soon to end up in Hell Fire. The Shaitan decorates the evil in our eyes, however, so it looks like those people are successful. As you can see, they are only going to be successful now. Allah is infinite, but his creations are limited. Without Allahs help, no one can truly be Azeez. The Shaitans Izzah is worldly, it is temporary. According to the Quran, the Day of Judgment is five hundred thousand years. A lifetime is only sixty years. We will be dead much longer then we are alive, so we should spend the little time on earth to serve Allah so we can have true Izzah in Heaven. A good example of some people who went for Izzah in this life instead of Izzah in the next life are Mubarak and the president of Libia. They lied and killed in order to stay in power, and it was not even real power. On the top of this, they abuse their power. What they should remember is that at the end, they will have to face Allah.




Class Date: March 13, 2011



Azzeez: The most powerful and highest ranking

Izzah: The stuff you need to be Al-Azzez.

How can we benefit from this name? How can it help us in our daily life?

The table below shows the ways people seek Izzah. Some ways are just illusions of the Shaitan.


Class Date: March 6, 2011

HW: Surat Al-Bakara Ayat 285

The first thing we did was review our homework. When Angel Jibril came to the Prophet when he was with Khadija and said Read Salam to Khadija from Allah and give her the good news that she will have a palace made of hollowed pearls in Paradise and there will be neither noise nor any trouble in it.

She replied:

: . : (( ))

The above narration from Nasa'ee states her following reply:
(" Allah is Salam and from Him comes salam and upon Jibreel is Salam and upon you O' Messenger of Allah [is Salam] and Allah's mercy and blessings ")

We also talked about the Name of Allah Al-Momen

Al Momen:

  • The Most Believer in himself
  • Believe in yourself means believing in your powers, ability, and greatness
  • Its an insult to not be able to believe in yourself
  • A person can sit there and imagine Allah for a long time, but only Allah truly knows Himself.

We also talked about how if Allah loves you, he will punish you to wake you up. Allah does this so that instead of suffering eternally in the afterlife, little things happen to punish you so you can realize your mistakes. An example of this is in the Battle of Uhud.

To summarize the Battle of Uhud, this is what happened. The Muslims were outnumbered. In order to avoid the Kufar splitting up and surrounding the Muslims, the Prophet came up with the idea that the Muslims should put their backs to the mountain and place seven archers on the top of the mountain in order to prevent the Kufar from trying to climb the mountain. The Prophet told the archers not to move unless he specifically sent someone to go get them. The Muslims were doing great. Every time the Kufar tried to climb the mountain the archers would kill them and at the bottom of the mountains the Muslims were fighting well. When the Kufar started to retreat, the Muslims went to go collect the spoils. At the top of the mountain, the archers were debating about whether they should go down the mountain to collect spoils too. The Prophet had told them not to go down without the signal from him. The archers decided to go down the mountain. Only seven archers remained. While the Muslims were collecting their spoils, Khalid ibn Walid and his men seized the opportunity. They went up the mountain, easily killing the remaining seven archers, and attacked the Muslims from behind.

Several lives were lost, the Prophet almost died, the battle was lost, and the Prophet was severely wounded. This all served the purpose of teaching the Muslims to obey the Prophet, for if the loses hadnt been so severe then the Muslims would try to disobey the Prophet again.


Class Date: February 27, 2011






Class Date: February 13, 2011

HW: Explain the second diagram in your notes in words. (The one about what happens to people who arent 100% pure) AND memorize Surat Al Bakara Ayah 284. 2:284

Today in class we took an open-note quiz:

We will be going over the answers next week.


We also took notes on Allahs name Al-Qudoos, the most pure, the infinitely pure, the purity itself. And we talked about purity in general.


If you have 10% purity at the beginning, with each step you gain more and more purity until you are qualified for Heaven. The people who have committed shirk don't even get a chance to purify themselves and go to Heaven. It is too late for them.

You can only go to Heaven if you're 100% pure because Allah will not allow anyone unpure to come close to him.


Class Date: February 6, 2011



Today in class we talked about Tawheed, the belief in one god with perfect qualities. Here are the notes:


         Same thing as TRUE monotheism, belief in one perfect god

  • Opposite to Tawheed is Shirk
  • Those who have even an ounce of Tawheed in their heart will eventually end up in Heaven
  • No tawheed is the only sin that will NEVER be forgiven without repentance
  • Muslims are the only ones with any real Tawheed, as you can see from below


Class Date: January 30, 2011


Name of Allah Ayah 22:

Existence is divided into seen and unseen. Unseen things include cell phone waves.





Class Date: January 23, 2011

Here is the homework:

Here are the notes we took today in class:




Class Date: January 16, 2011

We did the make-up testing today. No homework.



Class Date: January 9, 2011

The midterm testing was today. We will give the kids another chance next week.


Class Date: December 19, 2010

Winter Project Due on January 9th, 2011

The midterm grade will be based on the project



The Notes of todays class






Class Date: December 12, 2010

Homework is to

1.       Memorize Ayah 23 of Surat Al-Hashir (Surah 59)

  1. Write 200 words essay explaining the nature of the knowledge of Allah that you can understand from , which is in Ayah 22 of Surat Al-Hashir.

         Allah knows the seen and the unseen. His knowledge is what brings things to existence.

  • Engineering knowledge is when we know some of the secretes of nature and we use our knowledge to engineer a product.
  • Reverse engineering knowledge is when we find a product and we try to learn how it was made.


Allah knowledge is not reverse engineering. He doesnt know things after they happen. No, things happen because he makes them happen. For things to exist in reality, they have to exist in the knowledge of Allah first.



Allah knows they very little details, and the details of the details of the details because he is the one that make them exist.






Class Date: December 5, 2010

The homework is

Part I: Memorize the first Ayah (59:23) of the three Ayat using this specific mp3 file.

Part II: Write 200 words essay on what would go wrong if we have multiple God.

We are memorizing the last three Ayat of Surat Al-Hashir. It is about who is Allah. We first want to the kids to know what would go wrong if we have multiple Gods.


What could happen is we have two drivers in one car? Or one slave that has two masters? Or two Mighty Gods who have difference of opinions or disagree with each other? Would the creation of both Gods fit and work together or conflict with each other?

The sun, the ocean and the wind; three different creations that are coordinating together to produce one product, which is the rain? How could this happen if they are created by different Gods?





Class Date: October 31, 2010

The homework is

Part I: Memorize the Surah using this specific mp3 file.

Part II: Study the translation of the Surah using Modern English Language Expressions in this link

Class Notes




Class Date: October 31, 2010

The homework is

Part II: Memorize the Surah using this specific mp3 file.

Part III: Study the translation of the Surah using Modern English Language Expressions in this link

Quiz was

Material Covered

The composition of Surat Al-Alaq

Part B is composed of three Ayat




Class Date: October 25, 2010

The homework is


HW: Kids need to memorize the entire Surat Al-Alaq and know the meanings.

We continued covering the subject of what does it mean to read in the name of Allah. First we explain the difference of people with shallow minds and the ones who can think deeply as shown in the picture below


Then we continued the subject of IQRAA in the name of your Lord as shown below








Class Date: October 17, 2010

Homework is two parts

HW5A is to memorize up to Ayah 14

HW5B is to answer the questions written on the board



Read, understand and explain life using the names of Allah. The nature of Allah (described by his names) explain everything in this life because he is the maker and this life is his product.


Explaining existence using other than the name The Creator or The Maker leads to misguidance such as saying we exist because of evolution or by coincidence.



The homework is to explain what is below using the names of Allah




Class Date: October 10, 2010

Homework for this week is to memorize up to Ayah 12 in Surat Al-Alaq

We continued living with Prophet Mohamed when he was starving for the truth and staying in the cave observing nature.


Class Date: October 3, 2010

We recited the first 5 verses they were supposed to memorize, one by one, then, we started reciting the rest of the surah, we went over the context of the surah and its significance, and the importance of reading. Then I went through the meanings of each verse (6 - 10), they can tell the meanings if they were in order, but they can't map a word in Arabic to its meaning in English. During the class we also exercised finding shadda and sekoon in the verses. Then I quizzed them about the letters of Qalqalah, and gave them a competition to list the five letters, they knew them all, and we started practicing them. We kept reciting and I gave them homework to memorize the next five verses (6-10).


Class Date: September 26, 2010

Homework: Memorize Ayat 1-5

Meaning of Surat Al-Alaq.

The Prophet had a mindfull heart that didnt accept what the people around him believe about God. Idole Worshippers treat statues and pictures the same way Allah is treated. They beg them for things the way Allah should be beged. The Prophet went around looking for answers and he was dissapointed.

Answers didnt make sense to him because they are not appropriate for God to be the way these guys are describing.

No sources of guidance were available so he decided to observe the nature away from the people. The nature is the product of Allah, it makes sense that the product will reflect the nature of the maker as shown in the table below