Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Exam


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Sunday May 16, 2010


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Kids need to memorize Surat Al-Alaq (Ayah 1 to 5)


The homework for next week is to think about an answer to the following questions and try to explain them in the light of the names of Allah. This is an exercise to Read (IQRA’A) and Understand Life Using the Names of Your Lord

(Iqra’a in the Name of Your Lord)

Please help your child in this homework by having a brain storming discussion of trying to explain how could this happen given the names of Allah that describe his nature (Al-Haq, Al-Adel, Al-Montaqim, Al-Saboor, Al-Haleem, Al-Hakeem)



The Quiz this week was in the meaning of Surat Al-Inshirah and Next Sunday the Quiz will also be in the meaning of Surat Al-Inshirah. The same exact quiz will be given again to the kids



This week we continued the Introduction to Surat Al-Alaq. The Prophet SAW searching for the truth and isolating himself in a cave to read (Iqra’a) the nature, which is the product of the Maker, trying to learn about the nature of the Maker by observing his products.








Sunday May 9, 2010


Download Sheikh-Children Koran Teaching Audio files from this site


The homework for next week is

Thinking points;

1.           Begging and asking statues and pictures for their needs the way they should beg and ask Allah for things

2.           Treating pictures and statues the way ALLAH should be treated

3.           Status of women. Which kind of animals burry their baby daughters alive

4.           Fighting over the most ridiculous little reasons such as camel race

5.           Bragging about doing injustice to others but others can’t do injustice to them


The quiz for this week and the answers are


The Covered Topic is Introduction to Surat Al-Alaq


·                    Starts with the first Ayah that was ever revealed to the Prophet SAW

·                    Read: Means lots of things;

Story behind the Surah

·                    Clip 1 of the story: A man was born in a bad corrupted culture. People in this culture used to treat pictures and statues the way they treat Allah. They begged the pictures and statues for food, rain, health, wealth, children, protection, …etc the way they should beg Allah for things. All this didn’t make sense to this man because it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they dead objects are not only helpless, but also can’t hear or feel anything.

·                    The people in this corrupted culture used to burry their baby daughters alive because they can’t fight and if they lose a war, their daughters are taken as girl slaves, which was a big shame.

·                    The man who had a mindful pure heart rejected all this non sense and he started looking for the truth.

·                    Clip 2 of the story: To be continued next week



Sunday May 2, 2010

The homework


The Covered Lesson



The Quiz and the answers



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Next week homework and quize


This week lesson notes




This week quiz and the answers



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Students took a quiz in the introduction of Surat Al-Inshrah and they will have a quiz in the vocabulary of Ayat 1 and 2.

This the quiz. Students who will do the quiz as homework and bring next Sunday will have the homework grade override the quiz grade.


The notes are in the pictures below






Sunday, April 4, 2010









Taught on Sunday, March 28, 2010

Below please find the quiz. We started Surat Al-Inshrah. It is about the open heart surgery that the angels did to Prophet Mohamed to remove the dark side in his heart so that he will have only the good side. Allah asked the Prophet to do a very difficult job, which is to build a righteous super power himself in 23 years. This is super power will then reform the entire earth. It wouldn’t be fair to the Prophet to fight two battles; one inside with the dark side in his heart and the other is outside with all these wicked people who have conflict of interest with Islam. The outside challenges were already overwhelming and too much.

Allah in the Surah is first reminding the Prophet about this favor that he did to him, which is called Sharh Al-Sadr.





For the class on March 21, 2010

The quiz and class notes are below. We covered the rest of Surat Al-Shams and kids will be quizzed on the entire Surah next class.









Posted on 03/14/10

The homework is to memorize Ayat 1-12 in Surat Al-Shams, discuss the class notes with your kids and sign them. I also gave graded work to your kids. You need to sign it and give it back to me. I will check the signature and give it back to your kids.


Your kids took the following quiz today. The quiz and answers are shown below



Today we coverd in Surat Al-Shams Ayat 11, 12 and 13. As shown below













Posted on 03/07/10

We discussed today the following

1.     The music of Surat Al-Shams. Every Ayah ends with Huh... Huh …. Huh … Huh ….. Huh ….. This is the sound that comes out of a confused person.

2.     The Surat about the purpose of life. Verses 7 & 8 say that Allah has made in us the good side and the dark side. Verse 9 tells us that the winners are the ones who make the good side grow and the dark side shrinks. Verse 10 is telling us that the losers are the ones who make the dark side grow and the good side shrinks. At the end the scales of justice is going to determine which side we belong to.


Next week homework is

1.     Memorize from Ayah 1 to 12

2.     Prepare for a quiz in the meanings of words (this time is meaning of words, not Ayat)

3.     This time notes were just the answer of the quiz. Please sign it.

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The quiz of this week



Posted on March 1, 2010

The quiz of this week



Posted on Nov 11, 2009

The midterm exam is two parts
1. Written is going to be quiz about the meaning of Surat Al-Takathor and Al-Tin
2. Memorization; your child will be asked to recite Surat Al-Takathor and Al-Tin from memory

The homework is to discuss the explanations of Surat Al-Tin with your child at home. This explanation is copied from the board by your child. You must discuss and sign the paper where you sun copied the meanings from the board. The paper is returned to me the following week for credit. No credit is given to unsigned copies.

The signed paper has to be handwritten by your child. For your convince, I have included here the meanings that were on the board.

Surat Al-Tim

Allah is swearing by four things for the following reasons
1. Get the attention of the listeners
2. Confirm statements or facts
3. Imply something special about the things he is swearing with

Allah is swearing by the following four things
1. The figs
2. The olives
3. The mountain of Sinai
4. The safe city of Makkah

The special wonders about the objects that Allah swear with are;
1. The figs and olives: Unknown secrets. In sha’a Allah will be uncovered when Allah wills
2. The mountain of Sinai: Allah talked to Prophet Musa and the Torah was revealed
3. The safe city of Makkah: The Kaba and the city being the source of guidance.

Statements or facts being confirmed are;
1. We (Allah; this is the royal we) created the human in the best form, which is the form of innocent babies (nature)
2. Then we let him decline to the lowest of the low by allowing him to learn from the surroundings (nurture)
3. Exceptions to 1 and 2 are the believers who do good deeds
4. The reward of the believers who do good deeds is endless

Allah concluded the Surah with the following reminder;
Based on the fact that he stated earlier, that he is able to create free human beings who are free to decline to the lowest of the low and free to believe and do good deeds, it doesn’t make any sense that the human denies the Day of Judgment because without the Day of Judgment, this freedom of choice to decline or to believe will be very unwise to allow because it will be very unfair for the believers who did good deeds not to get the endless reward. Since you know that Allah is the most wise, then you shouldn’t think that he will allow such freedom without a final day for reward and punishment.

Surat Al-Takathur
It is a sever warning from the Allah threatening the ones who are too busy in the business of increasing material things.
Allah is threatening them that they will see horrors when they go under ground.
Then Allah is threatening them that they will see the hell fire by their own eyes as they see things now.
The solution to get out of this threat is to divide the time fairly between the business of Allah and the business of increasing. If we do this, then the business of increasing counts as a good righteous deed because of the kindness of Allah.
The business of increasing involves endless greed. I want more and more, and nothing is ever enough.