Instructions to Prepare for the Class:


1.   Setup the Arabic keyboard as follows:

a.     Written Instructions for windows 7.

b.    Video Instructions for windows 10.

c.     Even if you have windows 7, you still must see this video to learn how to use the Arabic Keyboard for various tasks.

d.    You may also use these shortcut keys as well.


2.   My favorite Taskil tool


3.   There are different choices the Arabic keyboards, such as The site also provides translations, Tashkil, games and other nice stuff.


4.   For translations, you may use the following:

a.     The Meanings tool

b.    Google translator


5.   After setting up Arabic keyboard, you can open the word file for the homework and type the answers, then email it to me. If you print the homework sheets and handwrite the answers, then you must scan the homework and email it to me at If you have a scanner, you can use it, but if you donít have a scanner, then follow the instruction of this video to learn how to scan a document using your smart phone.


6.   If is okay with you, send me an email to telling me what you want me to know about you. It is very confidential. I will not share it with anyone. Also, I use pictures to recognize your homework. MS Outlook shows me the homework and a picture of the student together so I know who you are before I grade your homework. If you donít mind, please include a picture of yourself in the email. You can take a selfie picture of yourself and email it to me as well.

About me

I am a fifty-two years old man and I have a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. I immigrated from Egypt about 29 years ago. I am married and I have four grown up kids. The older are two men and the younger are two women. Most of my career was teaching but I also worked on building designs. My academic details are at

I am a volunteer teacher for the sake of Allah because I want to go to Junnah. This is my ultimate dream.